Fun Reception Wedding Photos
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Fun Reception Wedding Photos

Hiring a wedding photographer in Japan to catch all those fabulous destination wedding moments and fun reception shots. Best memories ever.

Our advice is to pick the perfect photographer for you!

It's different for everyone. Of course. There are different styles. People mesh differently. And there's always a range of different qualities. Some photographers look for moments but don't necessarily care about the technical quality. And others are technicians but miss the human connection. But true professional wedding photographers, will be highly skilled in both areas.

Work out what your budget is for photography and once you know that, you can start looking for styles that you like. Styles from photographers that fall within your photography budget.

If you don't find a style you like in your budget, you might need to look at photographers whose prices are a little higher than your initial budget ideas. Talk to them and see there's a way to work with your budget by cutting coverage hours or doing digital data only. If you've got a weekday wedding, some photographers offer a small discount for off peak days.

Or ... just invest in full coverage high quality photography. It's always an investment you'll never regret.

Next is making sure your photographer is completely the right fit for you. Their portfolio will give you a sense of how they see a wedding day. But you'll definitely want to meet them and ask questions in person. Or via zoom or some sort of virtual catchup.

Here at 37 Frames, we know our wedding photography style may not suit everyone, and that’s totally fine. But when couples are drawn to our style and experience, we know we've found our people! HELLO! We like people to hire us, based on our reputation and recommendations. Based on how our images make them feel. We're passionate about weddings and we're the most experienced team here in Japan.

If we are planning your wedding here in Japan, and you have a photographer with a different style that connects with you more, we encourage you to go for it. The only thing we ask, is to make sure they're a professional with a number of weddings under their belt. You really want to catch all those fun reception photos. Those fleeting moments. Your family and friends that have gathered to celebrate you. You really don't want to risk your memories.

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Location: Tokyo American Club.

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