First Dance Wedding Photo
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First Dance Wedding Photo

Why we Love First Dance Photos

Here's one of our favorite First Dance Wedding Photos from a spectacular Tokyo American Club Wedding. They had been practicing for month and they kicked off the evening with an incredible First Dance.

As a professional wedding photographer, we aways like to watch the rehearsal (which is common here in Japan to rehearse in the empty ballroom before the guests come in.) Because we like to know which positions will allow us to catch the most epic first dance shot. We like to know if there are going to be lifts or something fun. and if there's no rehearsal, we always speak to the planner or couple before the dance to find out whether we need to be prepared for a slow song, or a fast one. Or an epic surprise.

I hope you love this First Dance Wedding Photograph as much as I do. First Dances still aren't common at weddings in Japan. But they seem to be making their way into celebrations more and more. Especially at the Tokyo American Club. They have amazing space for a dancefloor. And this is one wedding tradition that we absolutely adore.

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