How to find a wedding planner in japan
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How to find a wedding planner in japan

You want your planner to be a beautiful fit for your personality.


Nothing’s impossible. But experience is the key to that. The more weddings a planner has been a part of, the more problems will have arisen and the more knowledgeable they are on what to do and how to work around challenges. Experienced and seasoned enough to fully execute the type of event you want at the level you want.

We’re fortunate to have the experience of weddings in more than 20 different countries. And a huge take-away from that is, Japan does things differently. Weddings here are just different. They’re run differently. They have commissions and corporate structures and sometimes limited experience in the expectations of international couples. You need to find a wedding planner in Japan who can bridge all of that international expectation with what’s possible here in Japan. Not a planner who is asking Japan to change. But someone who can find a way to embrace the intricacies of this magical country and work out a way that your vision can fit in with how things are done here.

This stops disappointment on both sides. You’ll want your wedding planner to have wedding knowledge from a multitude of countries to avoid cultural misunderstandings and to advocate your vision on your behalf. Perhaps one of the top things to look at when hiring a planner in Japan, is not how much experience they have… but how much experience they have abroad. How much diversity they have. This will translate to a smoother planning process for both you and them. And alleviate any misunderstandings and expectations.

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