Father and Daughter at Shangri-La Tokyo Wedding
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Father and Daughter at Shangri-La Tokyo Wedding

We photographed a beautiful wedding at the Shangri-la Tokyo.

The celebration large and full of love Celebrating not just close family and friends, but everyone invited. And our beautiful NHK bride was full of emotion all day.

In this photo, Mayu and her father are doing a Father/Daughter dance. He's holding her close, and rightly so. It is possibly one of the most intimate moments a father will share with his daughter.

As a documentary wedding photographer, these are the moments we wait for. Always allowing the wedding and it's story to unfold naturally and beautifully. Our role is to tell the story of the events that unfold in an authentic and observational way.

Even with Mayu's father's back to the camera, his body-language is still showing his emotion and connection between them. The love and cherished nature of the relationship between her and her father.

We love this wedding photograph, and we hope you do too.

The Shangri-la Wedding team were very accommodating as we explained that our style of wedding photography is not usual in Japan. It's not about posed portraits or as they call them 'snaps' or 'cuts'. We explained that as a storytellers, we need to show the connection between everywhere there at the wedding and build a picture of the relationships for generations to come.

We think this image is a beautiful tender moment between father and daughter that any bride would love to have as a memory of her day.

Location: Shangri-La, Tokyo.

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