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37 Frames

Tokyo Sayonara | Family Lifestyle Portraits

37 Frames : On family & saying sayonara

and a few senior portraits to go

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius

We’ve gone all corporate the last 2 days here in Tokyo with a very interesting project that’s come our way. From the massive trading floor to the executive offices we’ve been all over Nihonbashi. Cameras blazing. And have loved it all.

And not too far up the road is the destination for today’s featured post. One of our most favorite places in Tokyo, iconic, varied, somewhere that’s got it all going on. And it was here we finally connected with this rather spectacular family.

We knew we’d love them from the start…the emails had been A LOT of fun. It started off as an appointment for a Senior Session in Tokyo – something we have also loved doing more of this year. Thank you so much Tokyo grapevine.

It then expanded into a Family session and not just any session. It was one celebrating family, love, relationships, siblings, every combo in between, moments galore, style and personality, individuality and time in Japan. And some pretty awesome soccer and skateboarding moves.

It also ended up being a Sayonora session, as they get ready to leave Japan for their next amazing adventure…go on break our hearts a little bit more. But, hello… it is San Francisco one of our most favorite cities ever… So we’ll allow it. We’re good with it. It truly was a joy to create this story, from the images, through to designing the chic lay-flat magazine-style photo book. Ready for your new home. You simply sparkled in Tokyo and now you’ll light up SF.

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