Tokyo Family Photographer | An extraordinary life…
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Tokyo Family Photographer | An extraordinary life…

Day In The Life Documentary Sessions tell the story of you and your everyday life by capturing one day in pictures.

It is a way to freeze time and document what life is like, right now, for your family.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a dream.
Today – each today – is where the action is – where all of life occurs.
Today IS your life – your only life. Life today to the fullest.”
~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Yes, it’s a Day in the Life kind of day. As we feature another of our very favorite kind of sessions. Where we traipse around your Japan life, remembering the big and little moments for the whole family and importantly generations to come. Before we’ve all lost our minds and forgotten where we put the umbrella… in my defense it was a fold-up one, the same size as the carrots, which is how it ended up in the refrigerator crisper and was found, icy, several days later.

But we digress… As the time comes to leave and a new chapter beckons it becomes all too important to make time to remember. And it makes it even better if we are doing it with simply just a beautiful family. Bubbly from the get-go and with the warmest of welcomes to a home filled with love and light. Early on a Saturday, just before Soccer practice we met at the kitchen table. Team meeting and all that.

It was an ordinary day filled with extraordinary moments. The poignancy of this kind of experience takes the littlest details to a whole new level. And gives meaningful pause and as we reflect on our own lives. What will we remember about our time here? What was a regular day? What color was that living room sofa we all snuggled on? Do you remember the kids room and the toys? The laughter still echoes. And it becomes easier to remember the way the light fell in this room and that as morning passed and the way the genkan was a prelude to coming and leaving.

Outside it is an early spring day. And we remember where home was for a while and the serene gardens it was surrounded by with those gorgeous blossoms in bloom. There were chases and giggles, coupled with mother and daughter moments, dad and son time, brother and sister sweetness and every combo in between. And then of course there was the road traveled daily, on those awesome family bikes. Through backstreets, across major thoroughfares (seriously LOVE that featured photo) to iconic doors and towers just down the road. And here we take time to remember being together.

These moments, already gone but together always as family. A Saturday with a twist, before it was time to go back to our regularly scheduled program. Sunglasses on. Off on the bikes. It was soccer time. Friends, family and major fun. Because that was how life was. On that day. In Tokyo.

And now, on this day, today, they are off. Leaving Japan. The memories present and tangible, something to hold on to, with all those news ones waiting…

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