Tokyo Cherry Blossom Family Photos
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Tokyo Cherry Blossom Family Photos

You just can't leave Japan without some iconic Sakura photos.

First steps & a perfect bow tie and cherry blossoms everywhere…

“The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult.” ~ Madame Marie du Deffand

We were going to LOVE them… we knew it from the get-go… and I have to admit… it was styling-love-at-first-sight. I think we all communicated it for just about the whole session. But come on… how often do we get first steps in conjunction with your Tokyo family photography session?

In between the hugs, the love, the superman lifts and being family it was about documenting first little steps. Really. As our littlest member had only just started walking in earnest a few days prior. And so naturally there was no stopping him now. And when we tried we were on the receiving end of some rather stern glances and some serious non-compliance re the poppies.

But once he was free, then boy was he free. It was joy on little legs with a bow tie to top it off. Catch me if you can. Hello feet. Hello walking. Hello world, here I am. Watch me go. Here come the clouds, here comes the sun. Here comes family. Chase me through to next week – I’ll be back again… Shinjuku-gyoen has never been the same.

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