Spring Portraits in Tokyo | Cherry Blossom musings
37 Frames

Spring Portraits in Tokyo | Cherry Blossom musings

37 Frames : Blossom musings & a basket full of spring…

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo are the best time for family portraits. Natural and candid.

“Aurora Musis amica. Dawn is friend of the muses.” ~ Latin Proverb

We’re transported today to a candidly ethereal session, the earliest of the day, at the crack of Easter morning, just after the bunny had been. And it was worth it and then some. We had dreamy light and simply billions of blossoms as the canvas, in that iconic of avenues, all to ourselves.

We always recommend there’s nothing like a Tokyo spring morning. And if you’re up for a-break-of-day escapade, then we are sooooooo there and it is simply the most exquisite time for a quintessential cherry romp. No one was around yet, save for us and a couple of early walkers. It was cool to start but the endless smiles and hugs and love had us warm in under a minute.

Made even more special as beloved Grandma was in town for a visit. And what better way to celebrate the day, the season and family than surrounded by ones you love. Under a ceiling of petals, the prettiest of dresses, those curls and of course that sweet Easter basket, featuring a hand-decorated egg, with three eyes.

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