Cherry Blossom Family Portraits in Shinjuku-gyoen
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Cherry Blossom Family Portraits in Shinjuku-gyoen

In an age where it seems everyone is a photographer with their phones you might be thinking to yourself, do I need professional family photos?

Yes. Your tokyo story is worth it.

“There aren’t enough days in the weekend. ” ~ Rod Schmidt

We’re starting off the weekend in style as we get ready to head all over Tokyo again. No weddings this weekend, the focus is on beautiful family sessions, a sayonara or two, a workshop and a mad dash across Shibuya Crossing… And we’re so ready for it and some sunshine.

Today’s post features another of our gorgeous & favorite Tokyo families. Stripes, adorable boots, blossoms, a little friend named Olivia and the promises of ice-cream at the end…which we are still waiting for and will hold everyone involved too AT SOME POINT.

We so LOVED this one. They caused a sensation with the swirling sakura fans. Just a delight to see them all again, after last year’s fabulous session. It’s always endless good-times, laughs and memories from start to finish. And again scoops of that red-stripey style…

Family photos are more than just a photo they are a way to pass down information from one generation to the next.

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