Amazing Cherry Blossom Locations in Tokyo for Families
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Amazing Cherry Blossom Locations in Tokyo for Families

We love cherry Blossom Season in Tokyo.

And it's the perfect time for family lifestyle photos

This family were on vacation from California and booked a cherry blossom vacation shoot. They wanted blossoms, blossoms and more blossoms. Who doesn't? We found this beautiful tunnel of blossoms at Shinjuku-gyoen which is our favorite Tokyo cherry blossom location. And then framed the image to make it look like they weren't viewing the blossoms with 25 million other people in the park!

Cherry blossom season is always busy in Tokyo. But we can always photograph your family in the most iconic way possible in this incredible city.

We loved this photo so much, we had to go back and get one for ourselves! We hope you like it too.

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