37 Frames Families | A Day in this Tokyo Life
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37 Frames Families | A Day in this Tokyo Life

Tokyo family photos are fun for kids and parents!

On Shibuya Crossing and perfect Tokyo icons. Have fun - tell your Japan story.

“You never know when you’re making a memory.” ~ Rickie Lee Jones

One of our most popular & requested types of sessions recently for those of us living this Tokyo/Japan adventure is our Day in the Life experience. We come in, cameras blazing and traipse around YOUR Tokyo, with those you love and adore for a million + one OIJM (you know, only-in-Japan-moments). And we’re never quite sure what will happen next.

Whether it’s love and cuddles on that iconic crossing, a brief foray into GLAY or just hanging out with your favorite toy cow and dear friends. One thing is for sure, it’s all about your day and your journey. As we duck down side streets, and amble over overpasses, find little hidden temples to play in, the city speeds by, and life slows down through photos.

And today’s featured post was a sure favorite. Part 2 from the Crossing Affair Prelude late last week, it was smiles, snuggles and some lifelong memory making. And perhaps one of the cutest shibuya crossing photos ever.

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