Exquisite Norwegian Orchard Wedding
37 Frames

Exquisite Norwegian Orchard Wedding

A Destination Wedding in Oslo, Norway.

Øverland Gård, a beautiful farm estate just outside of Oslo

“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love.” ~ Lana Del Ray

What a whirlwind few months and we’re not anywhere done yet. So many beautiful stories, incredible celebrations and so much love, love, love. And we finally get around to sharing one of our most special from late spring this year… in the dreamiest of locations, way up north, in Norway.

This story (& ours with them) spans the globe from Tokyo to Hong Kong, Bali, Norway and back again. And to say it’s been a joy to connect with this gorgeous couple is an understatement. We adore them. They know they’re stuck with us, too.

So we knew this was going to be some wedding… beyond fabulous. Then throw in the midnight sun, a rustic, working Norwegian farm, an apple orchard, all those cakes, blossoms, a stunning lakeside resort, fjords, that beautiful gown, the whole family in national dress, did we mention the cakes…

AND that light! That incredible, endless light, in a place where the sun never sets (we all ended up taking in the sunrise together about 4am…). It was every bit as poetic as we all imagined. As these two utter soul mates finally collided (officially) to take this journey through life together. Wishing you a lifetime of endless travels, laughter and sunrises on docks after all-night dancing…

With much love…Dee, Tracey & 37 Frames

You can see the FULL wedding on the BLOG here...

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