The most beautiful Engagement Photos in Tuscany
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The most beautiful Engagement Photos in Tuscany

Destination Wedding Photographers : Under the Tuscan Sun

The Engagement Photos in Italy

“Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame”. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Rolling hills, a faraway Castle in the air, a clock tower, those doors, Romeo & Juliet windows, cobblestones & shadows, the fragrance of summer, passion, laughter and intimacy, that iconic late-afternoon Italian light, and yes, a zippy, dazzling convertible.

This was how we met Giulia and Marco. She’s an architect. He works for THAT iconic car company, Fiat. And they so incredibly, warmly and openly welcomed us into their lives. Our gorgeous Italian Wedding couple. Worlds collided.

So it was quite the introduction and an incredible canvas for their engagement-session to play out on, just days before their beautiful, dreamy Italian affair. Alongside mentor and maestro Bob, we looked for the light and the moments in between. Sparks flew and this is our take on how their story started…

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