Emotional First Looks
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Emotional First Looks

Will You Say “I Do” to a First Look?

If you're having a wedding in Japan, it will be presumed that you'll do a first look. The tradition of first seeing each other while coming down the aisle isn't part of Japan's wedding culture. But for our international couples and destination wedding couples, to do a first look or not will be a big decision for you both.

There are pros and cons with both ways of doing things. And it will come down to priorities. What's important to you. With photography becoming more and more of a priority for couples, we're seeing first looks rise in popularity. We still LOVE the emotional tradition of the couple seeing each other when walking down the aisle. We're always in tears. But having a First Look is a great way to add some intimacy, some time just to yourselves before the whirlwind and it frees up your timeline in the perfect way. So one of your most important timeline questions will be if a First Look is right for you.

Hello Emotions

Your wedding is an emotional day to begin with, but seeing your significant other all dressed up and ready to become your partner for life can be overwhelming.

This is where you'll know what's best for you. Everyone is different. If you want those incredible emotions when you walk down the aisle, then a First Look might not be for you. If you're not afraid of showing those tears in front of everyone... then seeing your partner at the other end of the aisle waiting for you is literally everything.

However for a lot of couples, anxiety and nervousness take over. And often, a First Look is a way to take back a little control over those emotions. That overwhelming scene of seeing each other ready to wed, that'll be something just between the two of you. It'll be intimate. It'll be yours and yours alone.This is beautiful and romantic in itself.

We cry either way. But you and your partner know yourselves and your emotions best. But how and who you want to share that moment with is a big consideration for you both.

A little breathing time

Your wedding day can feel like a whirlwind. It's busy and full of adrenaline. A First Look can also be a great way to add a moment of quiet time. Just for the two of you. You'll be around a lot of people all day.A First Look gives you a moment of peace together. It gives you time to be.

Timing and Timelines

We often recommend at First Look if our couples are wanting a relaxed timeline for couple portraits with their bridal party. If you want to do the traditional way of seeing your partner for the first time during the ceremony. Then the ceremony will need to be held at least 3 hours before sunset. Why? Because you'll need to do all your family portraits, couple shoot and bridal party shoot AFTER the ceremony. And you'll need daylight for this.

If having an late afternoon ceremony is important to you, vows in the late afternoon sun, then you'll need a First Look. Think about what's important to you. What your priorities are. 37 Frames can help guide you through all the timing elements.

There's one more reason we love First Looks. When you do your First Look and then immediately you couple portraits, you're both looking your absolute best. You are photography perfection.

When we've had ceremony and hugs and kisses afterwards, you couple portraits might be just a little more on the naturally disheveled side. Still amazing. Still beautiful. And for a lot of our couples this isn't a concern. It's just something to think about and decide if this is important to you.

First Looks are some of our favorite images

Overall, aFirst Look is something you should consider based on your needs and priorities for your wedding day. Destination Weddings mean your guests have flown a long way to celebrate with you. So you'll want to spend as much time with them as you can. So a First Look for your Destination Wedding in Japan means freeing up time after the ceremony to be with your people. But you can make your day exactly the way you want it to be. Whether or not that includes a First Look is totally up to you. We're here for you, whatever you decide.

Location: Byodo-In Temple.

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