Emotional Dad - Yokohama Destination Wedding
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Emotional Dad - Yokohama Destination Wedding

This wedding photo makes us cry every time we see it.

If you know 37 Frames or do a little bit of research, you'll understand that that as wedding photographers, we take just as much pride in catching emotional and fleeting moments as we do in technical quality.

You hear that phrase that anybody can "push the button" on the camera, but only the person behind the camera can make the picture. And that is why we train our photographers so hard in the 'moments and memories over poses' style of wedding coverage. Documentary wedding photography is a skill. And our wedding teams are training for the Olympics.

In this image, we loved watching Miki and her dad walking down the aisle at the Grand Oriental Minato Mirai, in Yokohama. We are always watching for those fleeting glances, the little looks, the emotion, the love that sparkles.

We love this wedding photo. There are so many emotions here in one image. Miki's emotional Dad. Proud and circumspect. Handing his daughter to her soulmate. Her fiancee eagerly reaching out to take her hand. There were tears in every seat. Tears of beauty. Tears for the past giving way to the future. It was all so beautiful. And summed up in one image.

It is a beautiful combination of moments that happen at most weddings and we know how very privileged we are at 37 Frames to capture these moments for eternity.

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Location: Grand Oriental Minatomirai.

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