Elopement Planner Japan | Kyoto
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Elopement Planner Japan | Kyoto

Shakkei – The Art of Borrowed Landacape

The breathtaking garden was designed with the concept of ‘shakkei‘.⁠ The literal meaning of shakkei is ‘borrowed scenery’ or ‘borrowed landscape.’ This is a technique where distant views are incorporated into the garden setting and become part of the design.⁠

When the designer captures this landscape they make it part of the design, and it remains alive. Shakkei is an ancient concept that was used in Japan long before anyone gave it a name. Bringing distant landscapes into gardens, for example, was practiced in Japanese gardens as early as the Heian period (794-1185 A.D.).⁠

The Ozunu garden looking almost like a painting. And in the mornings, those incredible mountains often covered by a sea of clouds. It’s one of those once in a lifetime things. And changes every moment.

Boutique Lunch Platter

With a view of those incredible mountains, overlooking the garden, it was time for a light lunch. A boutique platter, a picnic for 2, to tide them over until their upcoming wedding night dinner.

And followed by a first dance in the late afternoon sun. Amongst the iconic pine trees and rock garden.

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