Elopement packages available for Tokyo
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Elopement packages available for Tokyo

We have some stunning unique Tokyo elopement packages and plans available for our overseas in international couples wanting to get married in Japan.

Whether you're thinking of a Shinto Shrine ceremony, or a dreamy Japanese garden, or a skyline view from iconic Tokyo Rooftops or even luxury 5-star hotels and restaurants. 37 Frames has Tokyo elopement packages for everyone. We've outlined our garden and rooftop elopement plans on other pages. Or if you missed them, make sure you contact us here for our Elopement Guide to Japan.

Terrace elopements

How about some other Tokyo Elopement Ideas though. The 37 Frames wedding planning team and elopement studio have just added some perfectly Tokyo (and slightly wild) elopements to our curated list. We love finding new and unique elopement places around Tokyo. Here are some recent elopement plans we created for our couples.

A Tokyo Skyline View and & Terrace elopement at one of the city’s most iconic 5-star hotels:

One of our favorite skyline views in all of Tokyo is at an ultra-chic downtown luxury hotel. With a stunning outdoor terrace, floating high above the city spectacular sparkling lights, you can elope and toast your celebration in style. Where is this? 37 Frames is creating elopements for couples with the Andaz Tokyo and Aman Tokyo.

An outdoor Terrace elopement & Elopement Dinner for 2 at one of Tokyo’s most top-rated contemporary Restaurants:

Another lovely terrace is at one of Tokyo’s leading restaurants. A Tokyo foodie heaven. A perfectly quaint little terrace available on weekdays, and a beautiful dinner for two. Your elopement couldn’t be more full of simple elegance.

And how about the crazy ones?

A Kawaii Expereince in the heart of Harajuku

A fan of Harajuku Kawaii culture? This house is where you can revel in and celebrate all things cute. Your elopement photos will go viral. We promise. It’s wild. It’s full of color. Cherry blossom and origami themes, bold hues and the perfect little rooftop to elope on. It’s your wildest kawaii dreams come true. Cute and quirky.

A Tokyo Game Arcade elopement

Gamers? Nothing more fun than booking out a Tokyo game arcade all for yourselves. Elope in a super fun ceremony perhaps by your favorite crane game (or in racing car chairs) and then play your way through the rest of the celebration with taiko drumming games, print club and more... Seriously fun.

Star in an Orignal Ninja Short Film Elopement

Yes, you read that right. Get harnessed. Learn some flying ninja moves. Aerial backflips and leaping kicks. Elope in the air while starring in your very own short film. Green screen magic. For the truly adventurous and perhaps the slightly crazy amongst us.

For all this and more... contact 37 Frames for all your Tokyo Elopement dreams.

Location: Tokyo Japan.

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