Elopement packages available for Mt Fuji
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Elopement packages available for Mt Fuji

Elope at the heart of Japan

Mt Fuji Lakeside Elopements

Mt Fuji. One of our most requested wedding and elopement locations. And there’s nothing more iconic, nothing more ethereal and nothing more breathtaking than eloping with Mt Fuji presiding. However, there’s a very real risk when choosing the Yamanashi area for your wedding or elopement. Mt Fuji doesn’t’ show herself regularly. In fact, it’s only on average just over 60 days per year. She’s often enshrined in clouds, perhaps with little glimpses of her for a few seconds here and there.

But the reality is that as with everything in nature, it’s highly unpredictable. And you have to be ready to embrace that. However… we always say with great risk comes great reward. And that is certainly the case when it comes to Japan’s most sacred mountain. The heart and soul of a country. But once the decision has been made, and all the local permits obtained, a lakeside Fuji ceremony is an incredible adventure.

Even when she’s not on show, her presence is always still felt. It’s a deep and incredibly meaningful location. Think about including a beautiful natural flower arch, or keeping it simple with just vows and nature. A Mt Fuji blessing is literally everything.

Make it a full day Elopement at Mt Fuji

If you’re eloping at Mt Fuji, make it an unforgettable day. A full day with perfect adventures around every corner. There is just so much to dream of here. Not only the absolutely amazing experience of a Mt Fuji Lakeside ceremony … but also sacred waterfalls and stunning shrines.

Start your day with either a drive down to the lake area, or if you’re already based there, we arrive early to record every moment of your day. From start to finish. We’ll visit perfect torii gates and epic vistas. And if Mt Fuji is being shy, we’ll reorganize your day to make sure we make the best possible use of your customized timeline to chase her down.

However, if you’re happy in her powerful presence, clouds and all, then Yamanashi offers so many amazing experiences. We can organize a boutique picnic lunch (or sunrise toast). Take the ropeway to the summit of a nearby mountain for sweeping iconic views of Mt Fuji and the surrounding lakes. We have flower gardens to explore and the most perfect of little traditional Japanese villages.

And we truly feel the best way to finish your perfect Mt Fuji elopement is with some famous Yamanashi Hoto Noodles to celebrate a long and healthy life followed by the most romantic of private onsens.

Who doesn’t dream of a wedding day like this?

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