Elopement packages available for Kyoto
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Elopement packages available for Kyoto

Stunning Kyoto Shrine Elopement Ceremonies

There are two beautiful shrines we suggest for elopements in Kyoto.

One for traditional Japanese shinto ceremonies. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage listed shrine and one of the more picturesque icons of the city. The ceremony is completely Japanese in every way. It’s ceremonial and ethereal. It’s breathtaking and very profound. Our couples will need traditional Japanese wedding kimono for this shrine which is in addition. We always help with sourcing vendors. However, for a once in a lifetime experience in Kyoto, this elopement is a dream.

The other shrine we suggest for our elopements is quieter and a little more serene. This shrine played a major role in the Shinto religion and for any history buff, that in itself is exciting. Western wedding attire is permitted. And it’ll delight chefs and foodies with a wonderful history & and culinary stories about its founder. Ah Kyoto. We love you.

We also love Shiga Elopements

Less than 45 minutes from Kyoto, lies Shiga, with all the beauty of Kyoto without the crowds. Shiga Prefecture is not the most famous destination in Japan, yet Shiga has a number of amazing locations which make for an unforgettable elopement.

Only 10 minutes by train from Kyoto, you can see Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa, which is always a lovely start to your elopement day. Omihachiman town has retained the charm of the Edo Period and there are a number of shrines here which will allow an elopement ceremony. Today the canal is no longer used for transporting goods but is an ideal place for walking or boating. We can float through old Japan and take in the history.

Gardens & Mountains

There’s a stunning garden right out of the pages of a fairytale where we can get a permit for photos. Shiga is also home to Mount Hiei, nicknamed the ‘mother mountain’ of Japanese Buddhism. This is incredibly meaningful to many of our elopement couples and we always embrace the beautiful energy emanating here.

We encourage our elopement couples to really consider Shiga as an alternative to Kyoto for many reasons. Mostly because we have such few options available in Kyoto permit-wise & the alternatives are a more “set-package” style of celebration. Kyoto can be a little inflexible when it comes to customizing wedding experiences. However, the places we suggest here welcome our weddings with open arms to create the celebration of your dreams.

Machiya Elopements in Kyoto are available too.

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