Elope in Japan | Waterfalls in Nara
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Elope in Japan | Waterfalls in Nara

A Wedding morning in Nara

Sasayuri-Ann says that one of its goals is to take the essence of Japan and utilize the forces of nature, mountains, waterfalls, rice paddies, to put us in touch with our souls. On the morning of their wedding, this beautiful couple woke up in the Ozunu Villa nestled next to a forest to the sound of singing birds. A sunrise view of rice paddies, and the incredible zen garden. There was a lyrical feeling to the morning as they embarked for their sunrise waterfall blessing at the mystical Akame 48 Falls.

This incredible place, the Forty-eight Waterfalls of Akame is a holy place for Shugendo Mountain Buddhist Priests and it’s also the birthplace of Ninja. Also a place where the samurai trained. The power and energy felt at these waterfalls can’t be ignored. It truly is one of the most magical places we’ve seen in Japan.

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Akame 48 Falls Wedding Blessing

Matsubayashi-san is also actually a monk, and practices Shugendo-Yamabushitechniques which made him the perfect person to lead the beautifully intimate waterfall blessing. With UNESCO World Heritage Mount Koya, the center of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, it was a private and powerful morning. It was here through nature that they started their wedding day. It was here, on this morning, that the richness of Japan became even more unforgettable. And the powers of nature blessed these two beautiful souls to start their journey together.

Such an untouched part of Japan. It’s completely off the tourist track. And the perfect place to elope & find Mindfulness.

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