Elope Under the Cherry Blossoms
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Elope Under the Cherry Blossoms

Epic in every way.

Elope under the Cherry Blossoms in Japan.

The ephemeral symbol of Japan. To be seen at least once-in-a-lifetime, there is nothing quite as beautiful, as fleeting, as breathtaking and beholding of romance. And it’s one of our most requested asks at 37 Frames. To elope & marry under blossoms. The reality is that during Cherry Blossom season, in the greater Tokyo & Kyoto area, you will be viewing them with 25 million Sakura fans. That’s the lowdown. There are very few locations devoid of crowds and certainly almost none that are private.

But if you’re willing and up for an adventure, off the track, about 3-4 hours out of Tokyo, we can envelope you in wild cherry blossoms. Actually mountains of blossoms. These bloom around mid-April and you can find them on a remote farm in one of our favorite elopement locations of all time. They are utterly spectacular. And it is entirely possible to marry under the blossoms & even have your own private hanami (picnic) following. Elope Under the Cherry Blossoms.

Not far away we’ve even found a perfect tunnel of blossoms for a stroll afterwards, a magical shrine with an iconic weeping blossom & a beautiful Japanese park with quintessential red canoes, where you can float as the blossom petals begin to fall. Blossoms, blossoms, blossoms. It’s all possible. Again it’s off the track, the journey less traveled, steeped in local community & warm hospitality. A little bit of an adventure to get there. But as we always say it’s sooooooo worth it.

Elope Under the Cherry Blossoms

If you’re dreaming of a cherry blossom wedding or elopement in Japan, then this is your ideal location. We’re thrilled to be the exclusive planners allowed permits for this destination, so contact us asap AND LET’S START PLANNING! Elope Under the Cherry Blossoms!

Don’t forget to watch our Top 10 Reasons to Elope in Japan on our dedicated YouTube Channel. And please make sure to CONTACT US today for your free elopement consult. We can’t WAIT TO MEET YOU!!

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