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One of our favorite genres or styles of wedding photography is wedding photojournalism.

We graduated with a journalism degree from university and started our careers in journalism. So this particular style of photography is incredibly near and dear to us at 37 Frames.

You may have come across other images on our website here where we have spoken about this style in depth. I know we've called it a range of different names - journalistic, candid photography or more commonly documentary wedding photography.


Documentary wedding photography is just that, it is less about formal photos where you take group shots and strike a pose, it is about the photographer being in the background capturing candid moments in an unobtrusive manner. You enjoy the day and your photographer will capture moments without you knowing.

Compared to traditional posed or highly styled artistic photos, documentary photography captures candid or spontaneous pictures of people in the most natural way possible. These photos are great for capturing natural emotions.

This style is a great way to tell the story of your day through photos, capturing moments, expressions and the feeling of the day. The expressions on peoples faces, the tear rolling down your mothers cheek, the laughter from the best mans speech, the look of pride on your fathers face, or just the look of love between the bride and groom.

If you are not a fan of having your photo taken the reportage wedding photography is ideal as it captures natural photos that are relaxed and fun.

Just remember - your family (for family formals) and many of your guests might be expecting a more Traditional style of images. Check if your photographer will do "some" posed formals for your family or mum might be disappointed. Here at 37 Frames we used a mix of Traditional Style and Photojournalism Style which is known as Classic Wedding Photography Style. We love our photojournalism images. But we know the historical importance of Traditional Wedding photos too. So for us, we specialize in the Classic Wedding Photography genre or style which is a mix of the other two styles.

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