Destination Wedding Photographer: FAQs and Tips
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Destination Wedding Photographer: FAQs and Tips

We all LOVE destination weddings. Here's why hiring a destination wedding Photographer is a great idea.

Planning a destination wedding is a HUGE undertaking. And doing it in another language: that's another story. While it's always ALWAYS worth the effort, having a destination wedding adds so many layers of complexities.

Over the past 20 years, we've actually planned or photographed (or both) destination weddings and adventure elopements in over 22 countries. We are global. We have had such a diverse range of couples of all faiths, all cultures and all backgrounds.We've seen it all. But there's one thing you should really consider when having your destination wedding overseas. Who are you going to trust with photographing your memories?

Photographers inexperienced with destination weddings will quickly realize how much is involved. From file backups to security. To being in new locations and scouting. To working within different cultures with respect and understanding. And even navigating your way a wedding in a different language. It's a high pressure situation, and photographers need to perform at their best. There are no sick days, or illnesses allowed. No backup plans if planes are delayed. You just HAVE TO BE THERE. And be on. Perform your best.

So what are the benefits of flying in a destination wedding photographer over hiring a local. Destination Wedding photographers are ALL completely yours. They are there for you. They see with new eyes. They know you. Everything is exotic. The story is fresh. There are so many reasons to hire a destination wedding photographer. They know what's important.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: Do you photograph destination weddings?


Q: Where do you travel to?

We travel literally EVERYWHERE! Everywhere that we can get visa permission for. We can't list all the countries we've photographed weddings. But we've been a part of weddings from Iceland to Barbados, from New Orleans to Cyprus, from Oman to Atlanta. And of course Destination weddings in Japan are our specialty. A destination wedding in Kyoto is mesmerizing. An elopement in Hokkaido is divine.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a destination wedding photographer?

Every wedding is unique.So there's no one size fits all package. We offer the same coverage for your wedding as if you were local. Plane tickets and accommodation are in addition. But because we are there literally FOR YOU, with no distractions and 100% focus on your day, we offer a lot of little extras. From rehearsal dinner coverage to a lovely couple shoot out on location to showcase your wedding country of choice. Whatever you need, we're there.

Q: Why should I fly in a photographer or go with someone local?

We've always said that more important than style and cost, is ALWAYS finding someone you click with. You need to make sure you pick the right photographer for you. If you don't vibe with someone locally, don't settle. This is your day. Your wedding photographer will be beside you the entire celebration. Having someone you trust and understands you and your family's needs is vital. When you fly in a destination wedding photographer, it becomes so much more than just a job. It becomes our world.

Having the right photographer with you on your wedding day is more important than borders. And if its' not in your budget to fly in a destination wedding photographer, still reach out to us. With so many years in the wedding industry we know exactly what you should be looking for in a local photographer. We'll always do our best to help.

To find out more about wedding photographers in Japan, you can contact us on the button below. However, 37 Frames flies to all destinations. Please reach out about international weddings globally, not just wedding photography in Japan. We're ready to tell your story wherever that may be.

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