Couple Shoot in Yoyogi Park
37 Frames

Couple Shoot in Yoyogi Park

The road to love

“There is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved.” ~ George Sand

While we're writing this we are currently in Nevada. A world away from our Tokyo couples. We're checking out of Rachel’s Little A Le Inn soon – if things go well. No alien abductions…yet… even though we did spend the night in a very fantastic trailer. Loosely termed “motel”. The drive down spectacular, all capped in snow. We are on the final stretch to Vegas. And with just a little change of plans, instead of Death valley we’re off to Valley of Fire. Another of our favorite locations to shoot in. And a much-anticipated re-visit. And then in just a few days it’s Vegas, baby! And we’ve been practicing for Ignite while on the road and currently our preparation is somewhere between ‘doubtful and downright calamity‘. But nerves aside we are fabulously excited to meet up with everyone in Vegas, gorgeous friends and colleagues.

So today we’re highlighting a beautiful couple… as we are still celebrating Valentine’s Day here on the blog and all our loved-up 37 Frames couples. Back in late Autumn, when the streets were lined with green and gold, we spent time in photos and moments with this very special pair. Making time to remember another Tokyo year. Together. Always. Always make time for a fabulous couple shoot in Tokyo. Engagements. Anniversaries. Or even a Tokyo vow renewal. Photos are forever.

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