Other Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Planner
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Other Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Planner


Of course there’s a lot more to consider:

What their services include, the average response time to your questions, can they walk that balance of professional project manager with warm supportive care. But whenever in doubt, stop and do an honest gut check. Ask yourself if this is someone you want metaphorically (or even literally) standing by you during one of the biggest days of your life? If the answer is an unmitigated yes then you’ve probably found the wedding planner who’s right for you.

We can’t stress enough… that the ‘right’ planner is different for everyone. It’s about fit. Not budget. It’s about comfort and experience. Searching the phrase “Best Wedding Planner in Japan” will give you an amazing list of talented planners all over Japan. But that phrase will have a different definition for every unique couple. However they will have one thing in common. Your planner will be your advocate throughout the entire process, they’ll understand your vision and priorities and work with you to polish and fine tune the celebration. They’ll offer guidance and expertise when needed and execute a wedding day that exceeds your expectations.

We hope you find the right fit for your wedding here in Japan. And always remember, whomever the best or top planner in Japan might be for someone else, might not be for you. But you’ll find someone who’s right. A planner who’s right for you. And that’s what matters.

Regardless of whether that’s 37 Frames or someone else, you’ll always have our support if you ever need it. Reach out any time.

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