How to Choose a Wedding Planner in Japan
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How to Choose a Wedding Planner in Japan

There are a lot of experienced and qualified wedding planners in Japan. All with hundreds of weddings under their belt. All with similar prices and services. So how do you choose between them all?


While email is a perfect starting point, a face to face meeting (either virtual for overseas couples or in-person for those in Japan), is essential before moving forward. If you’ve thoroughly vetted their work online, a virtual or in-person meeting is the next step before booking. A face-to-face meeting will give you a much better sense of their personality and give you a chance to ask great questions.

Check this list after each consult with prospective wedding planners in Japan:·

  • Did we feel heard?
  • Do I get a sense that the planner understands us and what we’re looking for?
  • Did we get a strong sense they can work within our budget?
  • Did we feel that the planner had a good understanding of international weddings?
  • Was there a good connection and did our personalities mesh well?

Listen to yourself. You’ll know intrinsically if things are a good fit. If an interview doesn't feel right, you shouldn’t settle. Your wedding planner is the vendor you'll be spending the most time with, so it's important to choose someone who's compatible with you and your fiancé.

Location: Kyoto.

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