The Cake in the Face
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The Cake in the Face

The Cake in the Face

Or Face in the Cake. Anyway it happened, it still happened.

Or as we like to call it... "When your groomsman slams your face into your wedding cake." This image is from one of our all-time favorite weddings at the Tokyo American Club. It was truly amazing. On several occasions over our 20-year wedding photography career, the wedding planners here in Japan have told us that the couple will cut the cake and stand there for more than 5 minutes so the photographer can "get some nice pictures." Along with all their guests and their cellphones.

And even though this cake cutting pose seems to go on forever, we always tell our wedding photographers here at 37 Frames, to be ready for anything. As documentary wedding photographers, we photograph what happens when it happens. So much is staged here in Japan, that waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen can be a never-ending hope. But it does happen.

It most cases, everything goes to Japanese wedding plan, but at this wedding, we're sure the wedding planner never saw this coming. Muneaga's groomsmen jumped up from his table. And it was epic Wedding Cake In the Face. It was pure joy for everyone involved. Especially our groom.

We love everything that is a little humorous, and we'll never plan your wedding with a posed cake cut. Ever. Life is about moments and memories after all. These are what we remember and love.

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Location: Tokyo American Club.

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