Best Wedding Photojournalist in Tokyo
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Best Wedding Photojournalist in Tokyo

"I'm looking for the best wedding photojournalist in Tokyo"... from an email that we recently received. "I only want fun candid, natural wedding photos. Can you help?" Yes. Let's talk photojournalism in weddings.

Wedding photography here in Japan is going through an evolution. A few years ago it would have been a slim chance to find anyone with the photojournalism skills (for a wedding) necessary to fulfill the expectations of the couple in that email above. Photojournalists tell stories which are honest and candid. Catching moments, not creating them. News photojournalists adhere to strict ethical guidelines, which aren't quite as necessary when dealing with weddings and not the news. But the essence is still the same. Telling the story of the day... with truth and honesty. Integrity and authenticity. Nothing fake. Everything real.

Here in Japan, wedding photojournalism was almost unheard of not too long ago. Wedding photos were all about posing. Walking to the next photo point. Smile at the camera. Next pose. Next photo point. Very one note. But over time, couples are wanting a more authentic record of their day. With more purity and realness.

Photography is all about the story.

At 37 Frames we are all about the story. And are very proud to have won numerous Wedding Photojournalism awards from a number of esteemed wedding industry associations. We work tirelessly with our photographers to hone their photojournalism skills, to observe instead of direct. To capture moments as they naturally occur. To only inject ourselves when needed. We get it... some couples need direction. But for the most part, much of the wedding day is through the perspective of undirected storytelling.

So whether you're after creative art pieces, artistic posed portraits, fashion-inspired lighting or backlit ethereal images... whether there's rain, or snow or we need to wrangle a bridal party of 36 (yes... we have done a wedding in Georgia, USA with 17 bridesmaides and 17 groomsmen + the bride and groom)... or perhaps it's an intimate elopement in the park, we train our photographers hard to have the necessary skills for all eventualities and a diverse range of couples with different expectations and needs. And being photojournalism savvy is top of the list.

Rest assured, while it would be difficult for anyone to claim the title of best wedding photojournalist in Tokyo, we definitely have the accolades, experience and technical skills to tell your authentic wedding story. We promise.

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