Best Outdoor Wedding Locations in Tokyo
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Best Outdoor Wedding Locations in Tokyo

Outdoor wedding locations in Tokyo require quite a bit of coordination and local knowledge.

Tokyo is popular for many couples because, well, it's Tokyo... and it's convenient and stylish and an incredible place to get married. However recently, parks, gardens and outdoor locations in and around Tokyo have tightened restrictions for weddings and even small celebrations and elopements can have large permits fees or long waiting periods. While it can be challenging to not be able to just walk in and get a permit for a small intimate location ceremony like in many other countries, we've come to truly respect the system as it really does make it a much more personal and intimate experience.

So for the best outdoor wedding locations in Tokyo, we have curated a beautiful list of welcoming parks and gardens, ryokans and machiyas. All them with reasonable fees and service that goes above and beyond. When planning an outdoor wedding in Tokyo, you'll need to work on the following questions - How many guests are you inviting? How much is your budget? What is your bad weather backup plan? What season do you want to hold your wedding? These will help you narrow down your choices for your outdoor celebration.

Keep in mind that Spring and Autumn are the busiest times in Tokyo and so planning an outdoor wedding can be a little more challenging at those peak times of year. So give yourself plenty of time in advance to plan.

If you're open to a little more adventure, contact us and ask about our best outdoor wedding locations in Japan. Where you can get married in a remote forest of cherry blossoms on a mountainside, or lakeside in the mist. Or even in one of National Parks up in Hokkaido with a ceremony backdrop more scenic that anything you can imagine. But Tokyo is still one of our favorite cities in the world and we are more than happy to share the 37 Frames list of stunning natural locations within the city. Contact us for more details.

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