Armani Lecce Destination Wedding
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Armani Lecce Destination Wedding

We couldn't have been more excited to be invited to be a part of the Wedding Team to plan, execute and cover this spectacular Italian Destination wedding for a favorite fashion icon.

From the breathtaking wedding ceremony in the Duomo di Lecce, to the spectacular cliffs of the award-winning Gibò Luxury Club & Weddings for the reception, it was a visual feast and true destination experience in every way.

A Viktor&Rolf artistic wedding gown to start the celebrations: unexpected elegance, conceptual glamour and provocative couture. Followed by an Armani scene stealer as the finale. It was everything and then some. The coming together of cultures and families. All in one of the most magical of wedding destinations, the Italian Emerald Coast.

Understated Elegance & Effortless Luxory

Executing the perfect wedding day – or wedding weekend as is becoming more and more common – is all in the organization, details, and logistics. The brief was understated elegance encompassed by effortless luxury and we couldn't have described the day more beautifully.

We always say that artists and photographers grow into some of the most caring and amazing wedding planners and coordinators. With their eye for style, their storytelling skills, their innate understanding of light and composition and their awareness that your wedding isn't only this one day, but an historical family milestone that will be remembered for generations, it's a full circle perspective.

We can't wait to bring the whole team together again for the next one. An Italian destination wedding, anyone?

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Location: Duomo di Lecce, Puglia, Italy.

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