Advice when looking for a wedding photographer
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Advice when looking for a wedding photographer

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer? What's number on the list?

Make your wedding photography a priority.

Wedding photography can be expensive. There can be more affordable options for the budget conscious. But we've been in the wedding industry a long long time. We KNOW how important an investment in quality photography is. We've seen it's value increase over time for our couples and their families. Our number one piece of advice is to research all the costs of wedding photography before you start speaking with your prospective photographer choices. That way, you'll be prepared and have a better understanding of what the costs include.

And... we've said it before. But, aside from the love of your life, your wedding photographer is the person who you will spend most of your wedding day with! So make sure your best wedding photographer for you is someone you connect with and trust. Bonus points if your whole family love them too.

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