Storm Chasing USA
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Storm Chasing USA


This image is an excerpt from Trace’s Tornado Chasing Tour. Really.

For 2 weeks she raced up and down Tornado Alley in a May gone past with a small specialist tour group. New friends included Meg Ryan, the weather girl.

A recap from Trace: “We stopped in Kansas to take a good look at a massive storm advancing. David called it a mezzo-structure convective complex. I just called it a very big storm. We kept driving a little ahead of it and we’d jump out for photos and then it would be on us again in a matter of minutes. We finally got far enough ahead for us to stop to eat in Dodge City. After eating we headed up to the National Weather Service Observatory on a high hill in Dodge City. It gave us spectacular views of the storm. David screamed at us to get back in the van just as a bolt of lightening and a gust of wind almost lifted the van high in the air. “Let’s get the hell out of Dodge (City)”, he yelled. Nobody laughed."

Best Memories:

Sunflowers, cows, farms, Wizard of Oz, tornado chasing, one of the most spectacular storms ever.

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