Rikuchu Kaigan National Park, Iwate.
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Rikuchu Kaigan National Park, Iwate.


These photos reflect pre-March 11th 2011 in Iwate.

The Iwate that we have loved, have traveled through and know will once again renew itself into the beautiful coastline it is. It’s been ravaged by tsunamis in the past and most probably will be again in the future. But we remember today the Iwate that we know and love.

We had been attracted to Iwate by promises of it’s scenic beauty, namely the Rikuchu Kaigan National Park (陸中海岸国立公園,) – extending for 180 km from north to south along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Spectacular views, sheer cliffs, and 200-meter tall precipices are just some of the features of this spectacular coast. And just a short drive from where Trace’s cousin lives. How lucky to have this as your back yard…

The northern part of Iwate exhibits stunning views of keen-cut cliffs and a row of oddly shaped rocks. It is characterized by the dynamic Kitayamazaki Point with cliffs that rise sheer from the surf. The center of the coastline offers moderate scenery with many picturesque beauties.

Jodogahama Beach gives a beautiful contrast between long, white beaches and precipitous oddly shaped rocks as well as fresh green pine trees. On mysterious Namiita Beach, the waves come in but never go out.

Best Memories:

The kind staff at the hotel, the 20 staff on duty for us when we were the only guests staying at the hotel, almost being taken out to sea while taking stormy photos, caves and underground lakes, family, the weird Morioka ramen (hot noodles and watermelon) which strangely enough tasted REALLY good.

Location: Rikuchu Kaigan National Park, Iwate..

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