Niijima Island, Tokyo
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Niijima Island, Tokyo

Summer Waves

A beautiful long exposure at twilight on Niijima Island.

A major Japanese surf destination and island getaway just hours from Tokyo. Long sandy beaches, towering white cliffs and plenty of waves. Niijima is a scenic surf paradise and popular holiday spot within easy reach of Tokyo. A convenient ferry service also connects it with Shikinejima Island, just 15 minutes away. Swim, surf, sunbathe, cycle or admire the local art—Niijima is an island with plenty of options.

Niijima is a volcanic Japanese island administered by Toky. It is one of the Izu Seven Islands group of the seven northern islands of the Izu archipelago, and is located approximately 163 kilometres south of Tōkyō and 36 kilometres south of Shimoda Shizuoka Prefecture. This was an amazing summer.

Location: Niijima Island, Japan.

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