Lake Louise | The Rim of Fire
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Lake Louise | The Rim of Fire

Banff National Park, Canada.

Photographers have been drawn to Lake Louise and its stunning landscapes for years. Watching the sunrise here was one of the most magical moments we can remember.

We wander to the lake, with bubbling streams of aqua promising something special. It was. Wow! We took the Lakeshore hike, 4 kms round trip and saw the Lake from various vantage points.

Then up before the birds to take in a highlight of our trip – sunrise over Lake Louise. The sun crept up on the mountain and bounced on the rim of peaks surrounding Louise. An intense fire red, mixed with fushia, reacting brilliantly with the snow. The wind stopped completely. There was a semi-circle of fire in the sky, forming a perfect ring in the water. It took our breath away, we couldn’t do anything but stare.

Head up to Moraine Lake, famous for its’ superbly aqua-blue hue. Even more beautiful than Lake Louise. The drive to Moraine took us through some of the most rugged scenery so far in the Rockies. This area is definitely one of our favourites of all the places we’ve been.

Best memories:

Insane chipmunks, the wind, ripples, reflections, a crazy horn-blowing Canadian man, the amount of people there in the mid-afternoon, the best Japanese 'Bonsai' ever, one of the most spectacular sunrises of our life.

Location: Lake Louise, Canada.

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