Great Salt Lake National Park
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Great Salt Lake National Park

Antelope Island.

Salt Lake City, Utah. 2012.

We’d been told that Great Salt Lake was one of the least photogenic National Parks in the United States. We truly wanted to prove whoever told us that wrong. And they were.

A morning dedicated to pinks and purples. Then later in the morning gold and yellows. Something in every shade. So loved the layering of nature here. Mountains peeking through the pre-dawn mist… the color blending both lake and land. And then the sun was up and the pinks gave way to golds. And we saw we were surrounded by Buffalo. As we were on Buffalo Point…

Should have perhaps noted the correlation between the sign and it’s meaning a little earlier on. As yes, there were slumbering buffs all around. And now in hindsight we realise this is where the start of the Bison obsession would begin. (Wait til we show you all our Yellowstone National Park buffalo photos...) Sooooooo much more to come on that front. So much more.

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