Diamond Beach | Iceland
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Diamond Beach | Iceland

Diamond Beach Iceland (real name Jokulsarlon beach) is one of the most magnificent and fun spots for tourists and photographers alike in the country.

This is where you can observe sparkling icebergs escaping the lagoon and washing up on the back sand beach. This is a surreal place where you are surrounded by small and huge blocks of ice of many shapes and colors over black sand beach.

When the iceberg is under water, the air bubbles are washed away. When this ice is seen under the sun, the longer wavelength (red and yellow) are absorbed and blues and greens are reflected.

Photography Tips:

  • Take the time to pick your icebergs
  • Be really careful with those close to the water - the waves are unpredictable and can suddenly come up - wear waterproof shoes and think about having someone next to you while you focus on your camera and subject - you can check my guide to what to wear in Iceland to help your pack
  • Play with the movement of the waves with long exposure
  • Don't forget to zoom in to get the texture of the iceberg
  • Wait for the weather to change - you know the saying in Iceland: "if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes"
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