Brúarfoss Waterfall | Iceland
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Brúarfoss Waterfall | Iceland

Brúarfoss waterfall is famous for its brilliantly blue color.

In fact, it's called “Iceland's Bluest Waterfall.”

To get here, you have to be prepared to walk. The only way to see Brúarfoss is by hiking. A visit to Brúarfoss requires a 7 km round trip walk and roughly 2 to 3 hours of your time. Or maybe 10 hours if you're doing it in a fresh snowfall and lose the path!!

The first time we came to Brúarfoss, there was a very short walking path to get there. However, the trail was located on private property. While we were very respectful and the owners were very accommodating, there were many who didn't show the right amount of deference for such a beautiful landscape. Visitors trampled the fragile plant life and left behind trash and human waste, this original trail closed to the public.

Now, a new path leads to Brúarfoss waterfall, making this a much longer walk. While on this longer walk, we got completely lost losing the trail a number of times in the fresh snowfall. And there were a number of times we were ready to give up and head back following our footsteps. But after a lot of perseverance, we finally found our way there for the second time in our lives. And it's always worth it.

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