37 Frames Step-by-Step Wedding Photography Guide
37 Frames

37 Frames Step-by-Step Wedding Photography Guide

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important steps in planning your dream wedding

Japan is an interesting place for weddings. It's not as much about you as it is about the package you choose. So going the road less traveled and hiring a freelance team is really one of the best things you can do. So whether you've chosen us as your planning team, or your photography team (or hopefully both!!) we will always strive to make your destination wedding in Japan the very best experience of your life.

So what's next? Here’s your 37 Frames step-by-step wedding photography guide:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the 37 Frames team and Vision:

From the moment you first make contact, you will be guided by our amazing international team to guide you every step of the way. Make sure to read up on some of our 37 Frames blog posts that introduce you to our talented photographers and studio managers or follow us on Instagram to perhaps catch an InstaStory or LIVE where you can see them all in action. They will listen and advise. And help make sure you're completely confident about your wedding photography investment. Professional and complete wedding experts. You're in great hands.

  1. Get to know your 37 Frames Wedding Photographer:

So many of our clients are destination wedding couples coming to Japan. And that always makes it difficult to meet face to face before the wedding day. However we always recommend one or two 'getting to know you' virtual calls before the wedding. We have a team of talented photographers here at 37 Frames. All trained in the 37 Frames style and all images edited in-house. This means that it takes the pressure of choosing someone from a catalogue. It means you're matching personalities instead. The best wedding photographer for you is someone you have a rapport with and someone you feel completely comfortable with. Great technique and style is only one part of wedding photography. Your wedding photographer is the person who will be by your side the entire wedding day. So set up a virtual visit to our studio, grab a coffee or some champagne and discuss your wedding plans with some of Japan's most experienced wedding professionals.

  1. Schedule an Engagement Session before your wedding:

Engagement photos!! When you arrive in Japan for your destination wedding there's always SO MUCH to do. Time is scarce. Family is arriving. Last minute details. However, there are so many reasons as to why you should have an engagement shoot in Japan a couple of days before your wedding day. Two of the most important reasons being 1. getting familiar with your photographer. And 2. just taking some quiet time alone with each before the guests and party all begin as your guests all start to arrive.

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