The 2022 Wedding Boom is Coming to Japan
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The 2022 Wedding Boom is Coming to Japan

“The Weddings Never Stopped. Even More are on their Way.”

Here come the 2022 & 2023 destination wedding celebrations in Japan.

What a crazy 18 months it’s been for the wedding industry. Well, for the world. Looking SO FORWARD to the second half of 2021 and all of 2022 & 2023. The Wedding Boom is Coming!

“If there’s a word I never want to hear again, it’s ‘pivoting,’” said Ms. Oren, the Los Angeles-based planner. “What I do is so tactile. I have zero aspirations to move what I do to the digital world. I think all people want is to gather and get sweaty on the dance floor.” @nytimes.

WE CAN’T WAIT. Thank you!!! HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOO……… The planning is allllllll underway. The Weddings Boom is Coming.

Wedding boom in Japan for 2022

For us here at 37 Frames, 2020 & 2021 celebrations still went forward, albeit on a much smaller scale. Stunning elopements. Intimate micro-weddings. All of us, our couples and wedding colleagues and vendors alike, pushed through. A large number of our couples postponed, (and even those who did get married during these pandemic times, have pushed their receptions to 2022 and beyond.) And we’ve all changed the way we celebrate. It was a defining year for all of us. Beyond weddings, that's for sure.

Our worldwide wedding industry market report was released recently. AND IT VIVIDLY showed the suffering finances of the entire wedding industry in 2020/2021. However, it also shows that it’s rapidly improving, and predicts there will be a significant increase in domestic wedding revenue in the second half of this year. And we’ll be back on course for destination weddings in 2022!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! We can confirm this is the case for us here at 37 Frames. Our Destination Weddings in Japan team are truly deep in planning mode for a record number of 2022 celebrations (due to the postponements and rebooking of all our 2020/2021 weddings + the 2022 couples ready to tie the knot!!)

Dreaming of a Destination Wedding in Japan

We’ve been DREAMING of the day we can all travel again. The day we can celebrate with family and friends. When we can elope in distant lands and have the journey of a lifetime.

AND BOOM! 2022 is the year. (And 2021 is the year to make it happen!)

We can happily report that Dee has been zooming with amazing couples non-stop and we’re thrilled to be booking more couples than ever for 2022/23. How incredibly joyous that all these adventurous souls are forward-thinking and are reveling in planning their future celebrations. All after this incredibly socially-distanced year. Full of disappointments, full of family separations. Full of anxiety and uncertainty. But 2021 so far has put things back on course. While we might not actually be holding many celebrations until the second half of this year, the planning and bookings have started and the team are back together. Finally we’re back to doing what we love most. Incredible, meaningful, tangible destination weddings in Japan. And 2022 is set to boom.

A Year of Tough Choices

The deeply personal nature of weddings made planning during the pandemic even more difficult. Do we elope? Wait? Do we have a celebration closer to home? Get married now and celebrate later?

But everything has started to get a little clearer now. Little by little. Japan has done the seemingly impossible job of just hosting the historic Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. A year delayed, but still full of the perseverance and positivity that Japan has in abounds. Vaccines are rolling out worldwide, and so the race to schedule (and reschedule) weddings and celebrations is on. Travel is one of the most googled things right now!! AND... dates for 2022 are at a premium. But of course the great thing about destination weddings are that weekdays are always popular, meaning more availability. However, if a 2022 destination wedding/honeymoon is one the cards, it’s important to understand the demand for venues and vendors because of rebooking of so many beautiful celebrations.

Changes to stay

A lot of the way 2020 & 2021 made us change the way we celebrate will remain, however this year and next will also bring about a revival. A revival of events and celebrations. Of love and parties and friendship and days full of hugs and dance floors and joy. We still have a way to go. But the emotional authenticity, the deeper meaning of uniting, and the smaller nature of weddings and elopements in general are here to stay for the time being. And the micro-wedding has evolved as a major force in the industry. And we haven’t been this excited about a revival since… well… ever.

Yes. The Weddings Boom is Coming. And we can’t wait.

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