12 Unique Destination Wedding Locations & Ideas
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12 Unique Destination Wedding Locations & Ideas

We love destination weddings overseas. But we love them just as much when they're in unique and amazing locations around Japan.

Elopement in Ryusendo Cave in Iwate

Ryusendo Cave is one of Japan's three great limestone caves in Iwate prefecture. The entire cave is estimated to spread over 5,000m. The water gushing from the area is so clear that you can see the lights hang deep under the surface. Planning an elopement in one of Japan's most spectacular caves is what dreams are made of.

Elopement on Aogashima Island, Tokyo

This is the Destination Wedding location of all Destination Weddings. The Aogashima Island is in name, a part of Tokyo. However, it's located in the Philippine Sea, 358km south from the Tokyo area, two hours by flight. You take a flight or a ferry to the Hachijojima Island first, then change to a helicopter or a boat to get here. We're up for the adventure if you are.

Destination Wedding on Yakushima

If “life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale”, as Hans Christian Andersen suggested then a trip to the enchanted island of Yakushima is definitely a chapter. Covered by an extensive cedar forest that contains some of Japan's oldest living trees that are more than 1000 years old and affectionately called yakusugi. The most ancient of which is over 7000 years old. Think moss covered forests, wild animals grazing nearby, mist and waterfalls, Princess Mononoke, and mind-blowing scenery. This is our Destination Wedding location of choice in Japan.

Destination wedding in Tsumago, Kiso Valley

Tsumago is tan old post town on the Nakasendo Trail in Japan. So quintessentially Japanese. Like time has stopped. A destination wedding in the Kiso Valley should be on everyone's shortlist. The Nakasendo trail linked Kyoto to Tokyo during the Edo Period (around AD700) and Tsumago town has been rustically restored to the Edo period style. Narrow streets, tea houses, tradiitonal ryokans. Pure Japanese perfection.

Elope on Miyajima Island

We've done a number of elopements and weddings on Miyajima island. It's been nicknamed the ‘Island of Gods’ and for a good reason. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most scenic spots in Japan. Located just off the coast of Hiroshima, Miyajima is only accessible by boat. We know we've put it on our list of "unique" wedding ideas in Japan, but with it's iconic floating torii gate and spectacular autumn foliage, it's the perfect place to elope.

Exchange vows at Noboribetsu, Hokkaido

The hot springs around Noboribetsu are an unbelievably dramatic backdrop for a vow renewal in Japan or an elopement. Forget the Sulphur smell!! This is an epic location for the truly adventurous. Epic wedding photos are waiting. And with the famous hot springs right there, it's also a romantic location for some true rest and relaxation.

A Magical Forest Wedding in Oirase Gorge, Aomori

We’ve traveled extensively around Japan and found many unique and stunning locations, but the Oirase Gorge in Aomori is one of Japan's most spectacular sights. We did an elopement here a number of years ago and have been dying to go back and plan a beautiful rustic wedding. There's a walking trail that runs through the gorge with 14 waterfalls and rapids along it. We're ready when you are.

Elope on Naoshima Art island

On Shikoku you’ll find the art island Naoshima, together with the iconic Pumpkin Sculpture by Yayoi Kusakuma. Noashima is known or its modern art museums, architecture and outdoor sculptures. It also has great beaches which makes it the perfect place to elope in Japan. If you’re an art lover, definitely put this on your list!

Get Married on Mount Koya

If you adore atmosphere, this is the place. Mount Koya is the spiritual home of Shingon Buddhism. It's ethereal. It's a highly emotional experience. The forest-covered mountaintop of Mount Koya has over 100 temples. Getting married on Mount Koya would truly be an incredible dream for any couple.

Elope on the Tottori Sand Dunes

Eloping on the Tottori Sand Dunes is fast becoming a Japanese Destination Wedding hotspot. The sand dunes are part of Sanin Kaigan National Park in Tottori Prefecture and stretching for 16 kilometres along of the Sea of Japan coast. Think spectacular dune images at sunset, pink hues at twilight, Camel rides to the elopement site. Completely enchanting, desert-like atmosphere, a Moroccan-boho destination idea in the heart of Japan.

Scenic natural beauty of Akan National Park

Without trying to overshadow any of the other scenic locations in Hokkaido, Akan National Park is undoubtedly one jaw-droppingly beautiful and perfect for a unique destination wedding in Japan.

Amazing Destination wedding in Daisetzuzan National Park

Welcome to the mountains! Japan’s largest national park, Daisetsuzan, covers almost 2300 sq km of Hokkaido’s mountainous heart. It's rustic. It's stunning. It's waiting for you and your friends.

We can think of a million more ideas for a perfect elopement or out of the box destination wedding in Japan. If travel and adventure are in your soul, and Japan is calling… then email us to start a conversation.

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