Family Portrait Photography Is Important | Tokyo
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Family Portrait Photography Is Important | Tokyo

Family Portrait Photography Is Important. But life in Tokyo is busy, it’s hard to get everyone together…

We’ve heard it. Many times. Tell your Tokyo story.

“I have only two kinds of days: happy and hysterically happy.” ~ Allen J. Lefferdink

It’s a Spring sequel today and we are smitten. As if they didn’t have us at the yellow bow tie for our first session… (Seriously…how could they top that genius gem of accessorizing???) We only had to wait a week for the big reveal, when we met again in the peak of cherry blossom-mania at Naka Meguro.

They rock up this time with a newsboy cap, splashes of sizzling color, those heels, endless smiles, laughter and the magic that is just-so-them. Cap on. Cap off. A lot. They were showstoppers on the avenue.

And now we’re completely hooked and hanging out for Act 3…sometime soon.

Location: Shiba Koen.

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