A Beautiful Elopement in Tokyo
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A Beautiful Elopement in Tokyo

Wanting to elope or have a wedding in a Japanese Garden in Tokyo or Kyoto?

A garden wedding in Japan isn't always as easy or simple as it might be in our own home countries.

However, it can be done. Everything is possible with the right permits and a super wedding planning team behind you to navigate those cultural differences. It's important, especially in Kyoto and Tokyo, to at least speak with a planner or coordinator, even for a beautiful elopement in Tokyo or a simple vow renewal in Kyoto, to make sure that all the boxes are ticked in terms of location paperwork. Having your vows interrupted by by a security guard on bicycle or park staff might make for a humorous story afterwards, but might not be the idyllic and romantic vision you were dreaming of.

Location permits and security is tight right now. And only getting tighter, especially in the leadup to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Parks and gardens where we were once able to get wedding permits for a small elopement, are now not offering permits at all, and some locations, not even allowing couples in wedding attire at all, even just for photos. What you might have see on Instagram or on blogs might not be open or available anymore.

But that just means one thing...

We start trends. Not follow them. It leaves the door open for all manner of new gardens and parks, small and intimate, to be discovered for a perfect Tokyo wedding or Kyoto elopement. We have a dedicated location team here at 37 Frames, whose sole job is location and permit research. And the number of wedding locations is growing weekly. Not just in Tokyo, but Japan-wide.

If you're wanting a beautiful Elopement in Tokyo in a park or garden, contact us for more details...

Location: Happo-en Garden, tokyo, Japan.