The Ring Road | Vík to Jökulsárlón
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The Ring Road | Vík to Jökulsárlón

I don't think there's a more scenic stretch of road than that between Vik and Jökulsárlón.

And we're been on many.

It's a 205 km drive straight, it always takes us 10+ hours with all of the amazing stops in between. And sometimes we don't stop. We just enjoy the incredible terrain we see out the window. Like with this image above. Just taken out the car window while hurling down the freeway.

Iceland has such incredible light and dramatic weather. It's like watching a masterclass on Planet Earth. When driving this incredible part of the Ring Road, you pass through drastically changing terrains from a lava field covered in moss to glaciers.


Eldhraun is largest lava field in the world and is incredibly covered in insanely beautiful Icelandic moss. Eldhraun has its origins from a devasting 1783 eruption. There is a spot to view the lava fields with space for parking on Route 1 and a short raised trail to a viewing platform. You can find the stop on Google Maps by searching “Þjóðvegur Rest Stop”.

DO NOT STEP ON THE MOSS! Please use the viewing platform or stay on the well labeled trails and away from living moss. This moss is very sensitive and easily damageable by footprints or tires. It takes hundreds of years to grow back.

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